Tips To Become a Fit Woman

What are you doing to make your life fit? Do you include healthy workout in your daily schedule? If not, then you must just give a thought upon the fitness of your life and think, whether you’ll be fit & healthy in the next 2 years as well. If you think, your health is getting […]

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Fitness Tips on Women Joining Gym for the First Time


So you have finalized your decision to join a woman gym. There is no oubt that you have taken a right step. Everyone knows that excess weight in the body is an invitation to many diseases. Especially for a woman, excess of weight can be a huge problem, which may not be observed in the […]

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Importance of Fitness to Fight with Breast Cancer Risk


“Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting 2.5 million American women. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women after lung cancer,” as per the American Cancer Society. With the growing number of breast cancer cases, there has been a situation of fear amidst the women, especially those who are in […]

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3 Simple Fitness Exercises for Girls


Girls, is one of your favorite dresses does not fit you? Want to be in shape and look slim? No need to be depressed more for your weight. You can easily get rid of the excess fat that you have gained in last few months. All you need is complete dedication and proper time table […]

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5 Best Ways to Select the Best Fitness Center


In which category will you place yourself? Fit, healthy, or obese? There are only few people, who are able to maintain good health and live a fit. And if you are one amongst those then that is credible. But if you are not, then it is important for you to first understand the value of […]

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Stretching Exercise Tips on Lower Back Pain for Women


Due to sitting for hours at office or by doing household tasks or any other random work, the problem of lower back pain is seen in most of the people. To overcome with the pain, the fitness experts at the Contours Express- fitness gym in Malaysia talks about certain stretches, which can help in overcome […]

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Fitness Gyms


Fitness Gyms In Singapore We pride ourselves on being the number one and the most popular women’s gym in Singapore. Read on below for more information about what you need to know about gym etiquette. Should I Follow A Certain Etiquette At Fitness Gyms In Singapore? Singapore is a country known for its cleanliness and […]

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Health Benefits Of Fitness Centre For A Woman


In this hectic and fast moving world, women are not behind men and move along with men rather ahead of men. For this, mind and body both have to be strong so that she can step forward with high pace. If health is maintained, then surely each body part and mind will move smoothly and […]

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Fitness Centres In Singapore


Getting Motivated For Your Training Regimen At Fitness Centres In Singapore One of the biggest detriments to exercising for most people is that they lack the motivation to do so. After all, it’s hard to get up in the morning as it is. What more if you had to exercise? But there is good news […]

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Gym Exercises


How To Prepare Yourself For Gym Exercises Some people don’t give gym exercise preparation a lot of thought, but it would be really beneficial for them if they did. Spending half an hour or so in the gym could put a lot of stress on one’s muscles, and one could end up phoning in their […]

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