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Contours Express is an international fitness gym franchise that is designed exclusively for women. We understand that women have specific needs and endeavor to offer fitness programs that meet the needs of women everywhere, regardless of age and background.

You’ll find a fitness routine meant especially for you here at Contours Express, where we offer many other benefits. Here are some of the key reasons Contours Express is the gym for you:


Exercise without fear or self consciousness at our gym where there everyone is a Real Woman, just like you.



No need to go through a mall to reach us as our branches are conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from where you stay or work, right in your neighbourhood.


3. Express Workouts for the Busy

Our workout programs are short yet effective. In half a hour or less, you can get the exercise you need and be on your way. In fact, you can easily fit it in your lunch time or break hour without wasting any precious time.


4. Personal Coaching and Tracking

All our trainers are on hand to provide guidance while you workout to ensure you use our equipment in the most effective way. We’ll also track your progress from time to time to make sure you’re on the right track to achieving your fitness goals.


5. Women-centric Equipment

All our exercise equipment are tailored for the female body. No more large and chunky metallic pieces, just tools to help you achieve your dream physique effectively and target problem areas.

6. Ease Painful Joint and Discomfort

We offer a specific Vibration Training program for those who suffer from joint pain to start their journey to a pain free lifestyle.


7. Budget Friendly Fees

We keep our fees affordable so that women of all backgrounds can exercise without worry about their finances. Our payment schemes are flexible too, and several payment options are available.


8. Warm and Friendly Trainers

Our trainers are professional and they understand completely any needs you may have. All of them will no doubt create a supportive and welcoming environment for you to workout with ease.


9. An Award Winning Gym

Contours Express was awarded the Best Wellness Provider by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards in 2010 and we’re forever improving our services and training programs.


10. We’re The Ideal Gym for Beginners

If you’ve never joined a gym before, Contours Express is the perfect place to start. We provide simple exercise programs that any beginner can perform with ease and get effective results.