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Here at Contours Express, we believe that weight loss doesn’t mean you have to suffer and starve yourself half to death. In fact, as women, we believe that you should be able to feel full with whatever diets you adopt. Knowing what to eat and how to regulate your mealtimes will definitely compliment any workout regimen you are taking on.

Our 24-week weight loss program will guide you through what foods are most nutritious, how to snack healthily and how you can balance calorie intake with how much calories you burn through your workouts.
This is why we’ve tailored a weight loss program to ensure you stay happy and healthy while burning off excess calories. Our trainers are on hand to guide you every step of the way, including what exercises you need to undertake and how you can munch on your favourite snacks without feeling guilty. All it takes is the right approach to fitness and dieting, which you’ll find easy as peas.

Say goodbye to all your excess calories and “Hello” to a newer, healthier and fitter you!

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