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contours-program-circuit-1-1024x700 Circuit Training

Condition your body with this 29-minute workout that is designed to tone your muscles, burn calories and improve flexibility for a leaner and fitter you.

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contours-program-vibration-1-1024x700 Vibration Training

This workout aims to restore muscles strength and ease joint pains in a safe manner. You also get to speed up the process of building lean muscles which leads to faster weight loss and toning.

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contours-program-group-4-1024x700 Group Classes

There’s no better way to stay motivated at a workout regimen than to do it with others. Let the power of group exercise spur you on to greater physical heights!

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contours-express-program-weight-loss-1-1024x683 Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program is tailored to fit your specific metabolic needs.It’s all about learning the right eating habits to keep the kilos off for life.

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