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Any sort of pain in one’s body can really be a challenge in everyday life. Therefore, if you’re suffering from joint pain, whether in your lower back, knees, shoulders or the like, know that there’s hope and you can start your journey to healing with us. The first step is to start Vibration Training, which is a low impact training that will not put any strain on your joints. Vibration training involves a highly effective machine that helps build stability and strength, and gives your body the workout it needs without subjecting it to any physical strain. The gentle and safe nature of Vibration Training will also encourage blood to flow in affected areas, which encourages healing and pain reduction.

Once your body is able to undergo more vigorous exercise, we recommend Circuit Training which will further help build stamina, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, increase coordination and up your balance.

Yoga and Functional Training group classes will complete your quest for a healthier, pain free body by doing exercises that will enable you to function with more energy, mobility and flexibility while performing everyday tasks.

Pain does not have to be the end of your active life, and with dedication and commitment, you’ll find that the miracle cure lies in your determination to stay the training course. In the end, you’ll definitely see results and it will be worth the effort.

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