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Staying fit doesn’t require long hours at the gym. With Contours Express, you can achieve the required dose of exercise all within 29 minutes, thanks to our Circuit Training program. All you have to do is follow a structured workout regimen consisting of cardio and toning exercises with just 45 seconds spent at each station. It’s a simple workout that will built strength, stability, increase your stamina, tone your physique and ensure that you look tip top all the time! The best part of it is, you can squeeze the routine into any part of your busy day and don’t have to put aside much time for it.

In order to keep your body lean and trim, you can also take up our 30 minute group classes which are fun and will burn calories while maintaining flexibility. Whether you enjoy dancing, kickboxing or the slow paced Yoga, you’ll find an exercise regime that made especially to suit your needs.

Vibration Training will further accelerate the formation of a lean and slim body, especially when you want to target problem areas. Vibration training is a fairly low impact exercise that won’t stress your body out, yet will produce effects similar to a vigorous workout in less time.

Keeping healthy becomes a fun and relaxing activity with us, and we’ll help personalize any exercise regimen to meet your specific needs as a woman. As women ourselves, we understand your special requirements like no one else.

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