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Are you looking for an effective way to lose those extra pounds? Diets with insufficient nutrients or crash diets will always have a negative impact on your body and backfire.

Here at Contours Express, we don’t just help you lose weight; we help you keep it off for the long term too. There’s more! Our Weight Loss Program lets you lose weight without needing to starve yourself.

This program incorporates nutrition counselling, ongoing meal advice and personalized fitness programs. We provide support and motivation while tracking your progress throughout the program so we can make your weight loss journey as enjoyable and stress free as possible.


5 steps to a newer, healthier, and fitter you :

1. In-depth analysis of your body and metabolism

Your metabolism is the key to weight loss. We will carry out resting metabolic rate and body composition test which provides the precise metabolic information for you to reach your weight goals.


2. Nutritionist Consultation

Have a personal 70-minute diet consultation based on your test results and discuss how to reach your weight goals. Based on all your personal data, our nutritionists will help you to manage your food intake throughout the program.


3. Personalized Exercise Programs

Adding exercise allows you to burn more calories than dieting alone. Workout programs are tailored according to your metabolic profile, age and health condition.

You don’t have to work out for long hours. All you have to do is spend 29 minutes on our Circuit Training which will burn the necessary extra calories in a short time. You can even fit this workout routine into your lunch hour or pop by after work for a short exercise session.

There’s also the Vibration Training where you can burn off excess fat through a high tech machine that stimulates more muscle mass build up. This burns more calories than conventional exercises without the need for vigorous activity, making this a great option for those who prefer low impact exercise.

Our group classes also include several active calorie burning activities that you can try out, including Zumba, Piloxing and Motion Fit. You have fun while keeping your weight in check.


4. Daily Meal Advice via Whatsapp

Receive feedback from our nutritionists on your daily meals to encourage you to make healthier food choices.


5. Progress Tracking

We provide support and motivation as well as track your progress on a bi-weekly basis throughout the program so we can make your weight loss journey as enjoyable and stress free as possible.



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