Success Stories

I used to struggle with my weight and health issues, due to my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. I lost a significant amount of weight, about 10 kg with this program.

I’ve always struggled with my weight and health issues, and due to my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, I couldn’t even climb the stairs without stopping to catch my breath. After my boyfriend left me to move back to his country, I realized that I had been neglecting myself for so many years. So, I decided that I needed to look after myself better and joined Contours Express.

I really enjoy the Circuit Training here thoroughly, as well as the different group classes held each day. The Vibration Training is awesome too and it tones the body fast and improves blood circulation. I also appreciate the free coaching and tracking services as it gives me useful information and motivates me to work harder. The weights here are lighter and catered for women, which means we won’t develop large bulky muscles.

It took just 5 months for me to see a huge improvement in my physical condition and wellness. I have lost about 10 kg and my arms and legs are well toned and not flabby anymore. I’m also able to focus better and am more determined to become happier and more confident in my work and personal life.

Agnes Ng, 39

Senior IT Security Consultant

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