Success Stories

I am now stronger and more agile.

I had a fall due to an old knee and ankle injury which resulted in me walking with a limp after that. This serves as a wake-up call. I realise that if I want to enjoy quality of life I have to do something about my health. Upon recovery, I joined Contours Express to work on my strength and agility.

Contours Express friendly trainer worked out a personalised exercise programme that includes both vibration and 29-minute circuit training. Just 8 weeks with Contours Express my mobility improved tremendously and I was able to walk without difficulty.

I made my first trip to Europe in 2012 and was able to walk 700 steps up Eiffel Tower’s viewing gallery when the lift broke down. Imagine the exhilaration I felt then! With my improved agility, I have now picked up theater performing art – a long cherished dream that was never realised till now due to my lack of agility.

Rosemary Chua, 56


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